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8 Step Plan to Lose 10 Pounds in Just One Week – with these expert tips


Would you love to DOUBLE your weight loss in 2019? If you’ve been struggling with fat loss, check out these incredible secrets that will help you tone up, slim down and lose weight in 2019!Whether you love or hate New Year’s Resolutions, you’re going to want to read over these weight loss tips and incorporate them into your lifestyle to burn twice as much fat!Losing weight is statistically the most popular resolution in America and we are more than happy to help people achieve their goals in weight-loss.However, losing weight and getting fit, obviously, are often accompanied by plenty of other goals. But, particularly these smaller resolutions are definitely worth making a big deal out of since little lifestyle habits often have an impact on bigger things.Even if you’re in ideal shape and at the desired weight, you can still improve your life by focusing on at least one small, positive change. Starting from eating healthier to feeling happier, here’s your first step to identify at least one positive change you could make in 2019.

1. Drink More Water

A 2015 study showed a greater amount of weight loss for the individuals who drank up to 16 ounces of water half an hour before a meal than the individuals who didn’t drink. To help achieve your weight loss goal, try drinking eight ounces of water when you first wake up, carrying a BPA-free water bottle or tracking your water intake on your phone.

2-Cut Out Sugary Drinks

 Study displays that drinking soda leads to weight gain but it can likewise cause heart disease, diabetes, and increase cell aging at the same rate as smoking.If you make the right food choices and watch your portions but you find that you’re still struggling to lose weight, don’t forget to consider the calories consumed in your favorite sweetened beverages. “Café mocha’s or other popular coffee beverages, sweetened teas, sodas, and fruit drinks can easily add 150 to 500 calories extra to your day and daily consumption can easily foster a pound or more weight gain per week,” says Gueron.Stick to water or unsweetened tea and save the sweetened stuff for a special treat.It’s best to replace soda with freshly squeezed juices

3- Eat Veggies With Every Meal

Don’t focus just on cutting junk from your diet. Instead, focus on adding healthy things, like vegetables to every meal. check out these easy and healthy skillet dinners!!When you aim to eat healthy stuff, you’ll automatically eat less of the junk food without feeling deprived.

4. Try a HIIT workout

A 15 minute HIIT session can be equivalent to a regular 30 minute cardio workout“If you are looking to speed up weight loss, adding 30 minutes of cardio three times per week will certainly help burn calories and body fat,”

5. Escape From Your Routine Every Week

Try a new thing every week. It can be a latino-dance class, a new route to work, a new avocado recipe, anything! And don’t get your hopes high – a new TV show or movie doesn’t count! 

6-Eat more beans 

Beans are an excellent source of slow-release carbohydrates, as well as a good source of protein and fiber, which slow the digestive process to help you stay fuller, longera study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reveals that a daily serving of beans and other pulses can contribute to a modest weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels.Researchers analyzed 21 previous clinical trials that involved 940 adults who lost an average of three-quarters of a pound over six weeks. The participants had added a single serving of pulses to their diet and did not make any specific efforts to restrict or reduce other food intakes.

7. Say “No” More

You often satisfy everyone else that your own needs and wants get overlooked. If you feel that you don’t put yourself in the first place, just learn to say “no”. It doesn’t make you selfish, it just means that you value yourself the same as you value others. 8- Get Your Antioxidants

Not only do antioxidants minimize the appearance of wrinkles and help you look younger, they also can stop fat from forming. Eat antioxidant-rich foods like berries, artichokes and kidney beans (which are also high in fiber!) to double your weight loss.


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