Saudi Arabia plans to create a futuristic city called The Line

the line new wonders for the world

Saudi Arabia’s Neom city

for too long humanity has existed within dysfunctional and polluted cities that ignore nature now a revolution in civilization is occurring

imagine a regular town and consolidating its footprint designing to safeguard and enhance nature the road goes to be home to 9 million residents and may be built with a footprint of just 34 square kilometers and we are designing it to provide a healthier more sustainable quality of life

the lines communities are organized in three dimensions residents have access to any or all of their daily needs within a five-minute walk neighborhood and so the line’s infrastructure makes it possible to travel end to end in 20 minutes with no need for cars resulting in zero carbon emissions

by leveraging ai technology services are autonomously saving you time and energy designed by world-leading architects the road is 500 meters tall 200 meters wide 170 kilometers long and housed within a classy

mirror glass facade intelligent solutions create efficiency and year-round temperate micro-climate with natural ventilation energy and water supplies are 100 renewable

the line is meant as a series of unique communities offering a wealth of amenities providing equitable views and immediate access to the encircling nature with 40 of the world’s accessible within six hours at the center of the globe’s key trade routes a locality for commerce and communities to thrive like nothing on earth seen before the road

the city that delivers new wonders for the earth