7 Signs Of Supremely Happy Indoor Cats

Indoor cats can lead happy and fulfilling lives, just like their outdoor counterparts. However, it can be difficult for pet owners to tell if their feline friend is truly content. Here are some signs that your indoor cat may be supremely happy:


1-A healthy appetite

a healthy appetite is one sign that an indoor cat may be supremely happy. Cats that are happy and content will typically have a good appetite and maintain a healthy weight. They will be interested in eating their food and be willing to eat on a regular schedule. If a cat has a decreased appetite or is losing weight, it may be a sign of an underlying health issue or stress and should be evaluated by a veterinarian.

2-Active and playful behavior

Happy cats will be active and enjoy playing with toys or engaging in other forms of exercise. They will be curious and explore their environment, and enjoy interactive play with their owners. They will also exhibit hunting behaviors, stalking and chasing toys or other objects. If a cat seems lethargic and uninterested in play, it may indicate a lack of mental and physical stimulation, or an underlying health issue.