What If We Extinguished the Sun?

If the sun went out, we’d all eventually die, but what would kill us, and the way long wouldn’t it take?
First, once the sun is extinguished, the temperature of the planet will eventually drop to somewhere around 10 degrees above temperature, give or take. those that cannot protect themselves from the cold will die first. how briskly the world cools will vary dramatically.

The surface of the planet isn’t visiting to get super cold immediately, but it’ll be fast. I might guess that somewhere around the third day visiting start to be uncomfortable for anyone without a decent heat source. After every week the typical earth temperature is freezing. 0 deg Celsius, 32 deg Fahrenheit. it’ll vary tremendously looking at where you reside.

It will stay warmer longer near the oceans and obtain colder faster the farther you get from them and clearly what started cold will just get colder. it’ll take 1–3 years for them to freeze over.

We can get by for months in this fashion because the earth slowly cools, but after a year the common surface temperature of the world is going to be -73 degrees Celsius, -100 Fahrenheit. An awful lot of individuals will run out of food and water well before then though.

If you have got a heat source you’ll survive for much longer, but you’ll need food and water. Everyone who somehow managed to survive the cold but didn’t have an ongoing source of food and water will die when their food and water run out.

If someone lived near geothermal activity in an exceedingly well-insulated structure and managed to induce both heat and electricity, (light) from it indefinitely and had a hydroponic farm, they may last for 10 to twenty years before the oxygen began to get cold enough to show to liquid and become rain product of oxygen, because it got progressively colder it might become snow.

Imagine going outside to urge a pail of air to usher in and put over the fireplace so it might warm up and you’ll breathe. So while earth still has much oxygen, it’s not visiting be in an exceedingly form you’ll be able to breathe. Let’s say that after about 30 years about, most are dead.

There are microbes and other life on the underside of the oceans through geothermal vents. they’re too deep for the sun to achieve them and use other means to survive. they’ll never notice the sun is missing and continue as normal.