What If We Knew the Time We Go Extinct?

The vastness of space is all around us.

Humanity…is not so big of an issue

We are not here because of what we were meant to be there

we’re just..here

If mathematical predictions prove correct

There may only be 760 years remaining

What would cause our extinction? What would you do if you knew when your existence would end? What if we could delay the inevitable?

This is what we would do if we knew when the end of humanity will occur.

Knowing that the Earth’s time is short in 1993 was a comforting realization.

J Richard God, an astronomer, made a daring prediction using only statistics

He calculated that there is a 50% chance of the end of human life occurring before the Year.

2779 gives us seven hundred sixty years to make final arrangements and possibly pass the Earth to a new form of life.

You can even abandon the planet entirely

Stay with us and we’ll take you on a journey into the future of humanity

Apophis, a near-earth asteroid that orbits our planet within 301,000 km of its surface, will pass Earth on April 13, 2029.

This is ten times closer than the moon to Earth

This asteroid is even closer than satellites orbiting the Earth, but it’s still 370 meters wide and won’t impact the earth

Instead, it will continue its journey around the Sun by gliding along safely

Parents would be able to see and select the genetic characteristics of their future children using reproductive technology

A crisis point would be reached if the global population grew to eight and a quarter billion. Due to the increased levels of co2 up in the Earth’s orbit, global ecosystems will change faster than ever before.

All things, from debris from accidental collisions to spent rocket stages

You could create a wall of junk in space

Any spacecraft that leaves Earth would have problems. We’d need to find ways of cleaning up the atmosphere if we don’t want to stay on earth forever.

It would be a miracle if humanity could solve the problem of space junk.

The first lunar base would be established, which would mark the beginning and end of the human presence on earth.

The global average temperature would rise one and a quarter degrees above the safe limit. Even if humanity switched completely to renewable energy sources, global warming would be catastrophic and difficult to manage.

The Great Barrier Reef could lose as much as 90% of its corals due to rising global temperatures

Wildfires and deforestation would almost destroy the Amazon rainforest

Even after decades of conservation efforts, at least 1,000,000 wild species would soon become extinct

This would mark the start of the next mass-extinction event in Earth’s history.

Nevertheless, it would be caused by people.

Earth’s population could grow to 10 Billion people

The Earth would heat up to its highest temperature in 3 million years.

Extreme weather could ravage the globe, with Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia most directly affected by flooding, hurricanes, and droughts.

Some parts of the planet could become uninhabitable

140 million people are left with no choice but to flee their homes and seek refuge somewhere else.

The general public would have access to biotechnology implants, which will allow humans to merge with their technology at a biological level.

Artificial organs, synthetic blood, and nanoscale brain interfaces that are never failing would be a new reality.

The sea levels could rise to 6 meters, forcing millions of people from their homes to flee.

Large-scale evacuations along the coasts would be required, which would cost humanity trillions of Dollars. This is due to the declining fertility rate, and a large number of deaths from environmental conditions. Earth’s population would stabilize at 11 million people.

In the 2180s, humanity would begin expanding into the solar system

It would be possible to mine asteroids and terraform Mars.

There would be more people who could access space technology, and it would become easier to extort asteroids toward Earth and Mars.

Space colonies would be particularly vulnerable if there was no space infrastructure.

Spaceships powered with antimatter propulsion could take humanity out of the solar system. Automated unmanned probes will be sent to far-flung regions of the galaxy by automated unmanned probes

Researching thousands of interstellar planets by the end of the 23rd century

Humans would be able to confirm that a microbial alien existence exists on a warm, wet Exoplanet located within one hundred light-years from our solar system

The result of decades of nanotechnology research would be the transformation of the public into trance humans and cyborgs.

Transhumans would be smarter and stronger than their predecessors, and they would also be able to sprint at extremely high speeds.

You can transform your appearance or make them invisible.

The Kardashev scale would rank humanity from a type 0 civilization to a kind 1 civilization.

This would allow humans to harness all the Earth’s energy to power their entire civilization.

They could already control the weather and the global climate Alter. Additionally, they could also build cities on the ocean bottom. The next step would be to develop ways to manipulate the sun’s energies.

They may start to build space megastructures such as a Dyson Sphere.

You can even try to feed some sun’s mass into the black hole

The sequence of events that preceded could result in humanity disappearing completely from the Earth. We may end up moving to the space colonies we have established or it might not be us anymore.

However, a new biotechnologically-engineered species is possible. This timeline was calculated by futurists using statistics and mathematical models. It is only a 50% chance that it will happen. Scientists used the same formula as Marketers to calculate our date of extinction.

It’s all about probabilities and not guarantees. Other predictions also tell us that we will face extinction not in 760 years, but 10,000 years.

If that were the case, then we would be around to witness the Earth’s poles turn around in the Year 3500.

Computers will reach their full potential in the years after 4000. But what would this knowledge do for our lives?

If we knew the exact date of our extinction, we would be able to stop caring about our bodies and focus our attention on the bad habits that bring us only short-term happiness.

We could see our society becoming more violent, self-harming, and more likely to start wars. Or, we could work together to try to get out of this rock.

It is possible to look for other places beyond the one our solar system offers.

We could create colonies with a stable human population.

Even in the unlikely event that Earth is destroyed by cosmic power, it would still be possible to do so.

Humans would still exist

They could continue until the universe collapsed and ended its existence

That’s another story for USA What-If.