How Democrats See Illegal Migrants Versus Americans Citizens in One Cartoon

Democrats seem to have a lot of hate and contempt for every American citizen, especially white ones.

They seem to be in love with illegal immigrants, possibly because they want to make the Democratic Party voters.

You can’t win with the current electorate, so you must change it.

This is how Democrats see illegal immigrants versus American citizens. On the backs of hardworking Americans, free stuff for illegals

Illegal Immigrants Sue Federal Government for Millions of Dollars

According to the LA Times, a lawyer representing eight illegal immigrants is planning to sue the federal government for millions due to the Trump administration’s policy on family separations.

This seems absurd on the surface. If you don’t want to be separated from your minor children, then it is best to avoid the temptation to illegally cross into Mexico.

It seems quite simple, but not everyone, especially those who are on the left, sees things that way.

Via Los Angeles Times

Patricia panicked, like thousands of Central American parents seeking asylum here when her son and she crossed the Rio Grande into Texas, and U.S. border officials took him away. She was terrified that Alessandro, then six years old, would disappear forever.

Patricia doesn’t want to forget the past, even though they were eventually reunited. Patricia wants the U.S. government to pay for her family’s pain, and she is now part of a unique legal strategy to accomplish that goal.

Patricia said that every moment I think about it makes her cry. She asked that Patricia and her son only be known by their middle names, as she is afraid of retaliation. “To have them separated was an injustice. Everyone has the right to a better life em>

Patricia and Maggy Krell, Patricia’s lawyer, will argue that the U.S. government wanted to cause emotional distress to families by separating them. The Federal Tort Claims Act allows people to sue the U.S. government if they are negligent or otherwise misconducted. A dozen other immigrant parents who have had similar experiences to Patricia’s are making similar claims. These will likely end up in court.

Although it is unlikely that they will prevail, parents claim that the 2018 separations and silence surrounding their children’s fate 2018 were part of a systematic campaign of psychological intimidation by Trump to deter others from coming to America.

This is absurd and we fervently pray that illegal immigrants are not allowed to prevail.

Taxpayers should not be held responsible for these criminal acts. Illegally crossing the border is against the law. As they say, “If you don’t have the time, don’t do it.”