A Dog Found In The Trash Has The Most Amazing Rescue Story

Street dogs have a difficult life. Their constant search for food, safety, and shelter can be exhausting and sometimes take a toll upon their health.

Miley was a street dog, neglected and abused. She had lost all hope of living. She was finally rescued. We shared her rescue video previously here. But now, we will show you how different she looks after one year. You’ll be amazed! Check out the video below…

The organization Hope for Paws made this a great effort. Miley was found in a Los Angeles garbage dump. She was extremely sick. She was emaciated, and she was plagued with diseases. She wanted to be saved!

She began to recover slowly and was able to be completely healthy with continued treatment. Frankie, a Chihuahua, was also rescued from a tunnel. She was then given shelter. Miley and Frankie quickly became close friends and had a wonderful time.

It was so wonderful to see these stray dogs find shelter and a place to call home. They didn’t give up and never lost heart… soon after rescue, they were adopted by kind people who gave them a new home and all the care and love they deserved.

Miley Cyrus one year later can be hard to believe how bad she was a year earlier! She is so beautiful and graceful! Our little concern can save lives. Adoption is possible.

They can be our best friends in difficult times. Their lives can be made more beautiful by our love. Their love can also make our lives better. These beautiful creatures make the world a better place. Aren’t you? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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