iPhone 14 now it’s time to go out and test them out

we can shoot 48-megapixel Raw photos and a new action mode to stabilise your video an improved camera system with up to 3x improved low light on the ultra camera a new 2x telephoto option and the most exciting new feature turning that cut out into something actually quite useful for notifications and controlling your content now only the iPhone 14 Pro Models will have the dynamic Island the iPhone 14 Dean still has the notch


so we’re now outside I’ve got both of the phone I have is the iPhone 14 pro-Max and the iPhone 14 I’m going to go around take some photos to take some videos we’re definitely going to be testing out that action mode and spoiler I’ve already Tested it out and I am so impressed I can’t even explain

 got an upgrade this year on the 14s you can now shoot in 4k 24 frames a second and 30 frames a second now before you could only shoot in 1080 and you couldn’t actually change the frame rate to 24 frames a second so I’m very excited the now cinematic mode has actually, become a little more cinematic now on the 14 you only have one lens option but on the 14 pros Max you can shoot in 1X and 3X