Culture Dining

Macaroni bel Leban


  • boil pasta of your choice in salt water until hard
  • in a bowl, add yogurt, salt and garlic and blend until combined.
  • add boiled pasta into yogurt sauce and blend well.
  • allow to sit down for some minutes before topping with aleppo butter fried nuts and serving!
  • to make the aleppo butter fried nuts, add butter olive oil and pine nuts to pan and warmth on medium-
  • low heat until pine nuts begin getting golden.
  • add in aleppo pepper, put off heat and stir for an extra 30 seconds till the butter reddens. serve oven pasta and revel in it

if you plan to eat when temperature or cold, add 1/4-1/2 cup additional yogurt (the pasta soaks it up!)

Macaroni bel Leban VIDEO